Our purchase policies

The Internorm Purchase Policies  have outlined, as a goal, long term supplier connections.
In process of constant feedback, the supplier thus helps  us to reach and upgrade the required
above-average product quality, ideal logistic services and the price-service-relation.
High standards are also required in connection with flexibility and innovations potential.

Our Instruments for the Goals:

  • Cooperation of intern departments with suppliers on the basis of approved
    Internorm processes.

  • Close coordination between the buying department and the production logistics
    when arranging logistics services for the supplier partners.

  • The strategically  important suppliers will be regularly (quarterly) evaluated.
    With this instrument, dead-line compliance and failure frequency.

Structure of Evaluation:

                    Quality (Hard Fact)                                                         40
                    Dead-Line Compliance (Hard Fact)                                   40
                    Production Logistics Evaluation (Soft Fact)                       10
                    Buying Department Evaluation (Soft Fact)                         10                       

                    Total                                                                            100 points

As a goal should all suppliers, which are critically important for the production deadline compliance,
reach an A-Status (total > 97 points).
All suppliers undergo a minimum of an annual meeting, where the topic of supplier progression will be discussed.

  • Further  on, crucial  point  and supplier  audits are performed  with selected critical
    suppliers or products according to the Internorm´s QM-s.

  • The price-service-relation is regularly verified by performing constant procurement
    marketing, open calculations and peer group comparisons.


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